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Some of our Investors were clients before RWB was created and have been great to work with throughout the years, as Investors or JV Partners. Thank you to all of you, and hope to work with you all in the near future. Thank you

Mark (Managing Directer -RWB Inv.)

Kayla 35 - Mississippi

Thank you so much to Mark and his team at RWB Investments. They walked me step by step through the whole process. No stress at any point of our time in business together. I Invested my Inheritance with Mark and the team. I was only able to lock my capital in for 2 years, but my money was returned to me as promised exactly when promised with amazing returns on top. Don't worry I will be back soon enough, too bigger opportunity to be missed. Great guys, amazing customer services, trustworthy from start to finish. There is so much I want to say, they really are the full package. Safe and simple Investing.....Thanks again guys!!!!    K   x

Charles 51 - Brighton

I still have my money Invested with these wonderful people, felt at ease every step of the way. Have seen first hand the wonderful work they are doing and am extremely happy with how my investment has been handled, don't doubt for a second my returns are safe. Keep it up and I look forward to my Investment and Returns in 2027. Charles

Rees 24 - Haverfordwest

I met Mark at a networking event, and we clicked straight away. We chatted about both of our companies and he explained how easy and safe it was to Invest in RWB's projects. I didn't have a pension set up at the time and wasn't bringing in a great salary, but had come into a modest amount of money 12 months prior. Mark explained how he could put that money to work for me and start building up a pension pot. I have to say I am truly amazed at the results. I earn 12% on my lump sum and it really has taken off! Needless to say I have extended our agreement and have asked to lock it in for as long as I can. Thank you to all of you and see you for a site visit soon. Rees

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